[Colloquium] Prof. Kai Martens (IPMU), Jun. 3rd, 2015

On coming Wednesday, Prof. Kai Martens from IPMU will have a colloquium in Sungkyunkwan University Natural Science Campus.

Please welcome and join his colloquium.

*Speaker: Prof. Kai Martens (IPMU)

*Time: June 3rd (Wed.)

*Location: Room #31214, Natural Science Building 1


*Title: The Quest for Dark Matter: Discovering Its Nature Underground?

*Abstract: This colloquium will be divided in four parts. In the first section I will briefly review the different strands of evidence we have for the existence of Dark Matter. The second part will introduce some ideas of what the particle nature of Dark Matter might be. The third part discusses what the challenges in directly detecting Dark Matter particles are and why we have to look for them underground. In the last section I will tell you how our XMASS experiment at the Kamioka Observatory in Japan approaches this problem of direct Dark Matter detection, show you some of our results, and hint at how we hope to develop our project into the future.

[Colloquium] Prof. Kai Martens (IPMU), Jun. 3rd, 2015