[Colloquium] Prof. Michael Mulhearn (UC Davis), Oct. 7th, 2015

On October 7th, Prof. Michael Mulhearn form UC Davis will have a colloquium in Sungkyunkwan University Natural Science Campus.

Please welcome and join his talk.

*Speaker: Prof. Michael Mulhearn (UC Davis)

*Date&Time: October 7th (Wed.), 4:30 PM

*Location: Room #31214, Natural Science Building 1


*Title: Observing Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with your Smartphone

*Abstract: Cosmic rays which encounter Earth’s atmosphere produce showers of muons and high-energy photons, which can be detected using a smartphone camera. The CRAYFIS experiment was devised to observe cosmic rays at ultra-high energy (UHE) using the existing network of smartphones as a ground detector array. I’ll describe our custom app, our lab measurements of smartphone efficiency, and our latest projections for the sensitivity of the CRAYFIS array to UHE cosmic rays.

[Colloquium] Prof. Michael Mulhearn (UC Davis), Oct. 7th, 2015