Pioneer Symposium : KPS Meeting, 2017.10.27

Seminar Members


Followings are seminar topics,and its presenters at KPS 17.10.27
  • Neutrino phenomenology (HUBER Patrick)
  • Synthesizing Data: Sterile Neutrinos (LI Yu-Feng)
  • Global Experimental program for Sterile Neutrino Searches(SPITZ Joshua)
  • Status of the JSNS2 Project (MARUYAMA Takasumi)
  • JSNS2 Detector Construction (Park Jungsic)
  • Sterile neutrino study by new schemes for low-energy neutrino sources by accelerator and non-accelerator(Myung-Ki Cheoun)
  • Liquid Scintillator Detectors and Sensitivity to DSNB (PAC Myoung Youl)
Pioneer Symposium : KPS Meeting, 2017.10.27