[Seminar] Dr.Arsham Farzinnia (IBS – CTPU), Apr. 15th, 2015

On coming Wednesday, Dr. Arsham Farzinnia from IBS – CTPU will give a seminar in Sungkyunkwan University Natural Science Campus.

Please welcome and join this seminar.

*Speaker: Dr. Arsham Farzinnia (IBS – CTPU)

*Time: April 15th (Wed.)

*Location: TBA


*Title: Phenomenology of the Minimal Classically Scale Invariant Higgs Sector

*Abstract: Classical scale symmetry is an interesting proposal as an alternative way of thinking about the naturalness and hierarchy problem. In this talk, I will introduce a minimal classically scale-invariant extension of the SM, which includes right-handed Majorana neutrinos, and discuss various theoretical and experimental constraints; in particular, its collider and dark matter phenomenology. Implications for a strongly first-order EW phase transition will also be discussed.

*Based on: 1308.0295, 1405.0498, and 1408.3533

[Seminar] Dr.Arsham Farzinnia (IBS – CTPU), Apr. 15th, 2015