[Seminar] Dr. Chianese, Marco (University of Amsterdam), Dec, 10th, 2019.

Name: Dr. Chianese, Marco (University of Amsterdam)

Date: Tuesday 10th December (4pm)

ROOM:  7th Floor , Samsung Library. 

TITLE:  Investigating dark matter signals at neutrino telescopes

ABSTRACT: Recent analyses of the diffuse TeV-PeV neutrino flux
highlight a tension among different IceCube data samples that suggests
a two-component scenario rather than a single steep power-law. Such a
tension is further strengthened once the latest ANTARES data are also
taken into account. Remarkably, both experiments show an excess in the
same energy range (40-200 TeV), whose origin could intriguingly be
related to dark matter. In this talk, I describe in a multi-messenger
context the allowed features of a potential dark matter signal at
neutrino telescopes according to the latest 7.5 years IceCube HESE
events making the comparison with previous exclusion limits coming
from gamma-ray data. Moreover, I discuss whether the Dark Matter
hypothesis could be further scrutinized by using forthcoming
high-energy gamma-rays experiments. Eventually, I describe a new
analysis based on the angular power spectrum of neutrino events,
reporting current constraints and future sensitivity of KM3NeT and
IceCube-Gen2 to different annihilating/decaying dark matter models.





[Seminar] Dr. Chianese, Marco (University of Amsterdam), Dec, 10th, 2019.