[Seminar] Dr. Jay Hyun Jo(Yale University), Mar. 21st, 2016

We are delighted to announce that there is a seminar with Dr. Jay Hyun Jo in Sungkyunkwan University Natural Science Campus on March 21st. Please join and welcome his talk together.

* Speaker: Dr. Jay Hyun Jo

* Time:  March 21st (Mon.), 4:30 PM

* Location: Seminar room, 7th floor of Samsung Library, Sungkyunkwan Univ. Natural Science Campus

* Title: Recent results and prospects at T2K

* Abstract: Neutrinos are one of the most fascinating particles that occur in nature, and neutrino oscillation is the only physics phenomena observed beyond the standard model so far. The T2K experiment is a long baseline neutrino experiment located in Japan, running successfully by measuring electron neutrino appearance, muon neutrino disappearance and neutrino cross sections on various targets. In this talk, I will present T2K experimental design and recent results, as well as prospects of the experiment.

[Seminar] Dr. Jay Hyun Jo(Yale University), Mar. 21st, 2016