[Seminar] Dr. Matthew Relich (University of Chiba), Mar. 31st, 2015

On coming Tuesday, Prof. Matthew Relich from University of Chiba will give a seminar in Sungkyunkwan University Natural Science Campus.

Please welcome and join this seminar.


*Speaker: Matthew Relich (University of Chiba, Japan)

*Time: 11am, March 31st, 2015 (Tue.)

*Location: Seminar room, 7th floor (Samsung Library Building)


*Title: Searching for the Highest Energy Neutrinos with IceCube and ARA

*Abstract: One of nature’s unsolved mysteries is the origin of ultra high energy cosmic rays. Neutrinos offer a unique way to search for cosmic accelerators given that they propagate without interaction, and thus have the ability to point back to their source. I will outline the current status of IceCube’s hunt for the highest energy neutrinos (E > 1 PeV), as well as introduce a new online analysis being undertaken by IceCube intended to open up multi-messenger channels with outside experiments. In addition, I will discuss the alternative method of using radio detection to search for high energy neutrinos in the context of the Askaryan Radio Array (ARA).

[Seminar] Dr. Matthew Relich (University of Chiba), Mar. 31st, 2015