[Seminar] Dr. Tracy Slatyer (MIT), Mar. 13th, 2015

We will have a seminar by Tracy Slatyer from MIT. Please welcome and join this seminar.

* Speaker: Tracy Slatyer (MIT)

* Time: 1:00 PM, March 13th (Fri.)

* Location: Seminar room, 7th floor (Samsung Library Building)


*Title: GeV Gamma-Rays from the Central Milky Way and the Case for Annihilating Dark Matter


Studies have identified a spatially extended excess of ~1-3 GeV gamma rays from the Galactic Center and inner Galaxy, consistent with the emission expected from annihilating thermal relic dark matter. I will describe recent improvements in the characterization of this signal, which demonstrate that it is spherically symmetric, centered on the Galactic Center, detectable out to 10 degrees from the Galactic Center, and with a spatial profile consistent with annihilation from a cusped NFW profile. I will discuss the pros and cons of possible explanations in terms of conventional astrophysics, and the implications of a dark matter interpretation.

[Seminar] Dr. Tracy Slatyer (MIT), Mar. 13th, 2015