[Seminar] Maddalena Cataldo (GSSI), July 10th, 2020.

We are delighted to announce that we will have an Astroparticle Physics Seminar talk given by Maddalena Cataldo from GSSI on July 10th. Please join and welcome her talk together.

This seminar will be held virtually via ZOOM teleconference due to the recommended social distancing in Korea over the current coronavirus situation. Please contact Prof. Rott to get the detail connection information beforehand to join the seminar.


Title: The TeV gamma-ray luminosity of the Milky-Way and the contribution of H.E.S.S. unresolved sources to VHE diffuse emission [Presentation_slides]

Speaker: Maddalena Cataldo (GSSI)

Date & Time: Friday, July 10th, 2020. 16:00 KST (9:00 CEST)

Place: Virtual (via ZOOM)

A multi-messenger study of the high-energy emission from the Galactic plane is possible thanks to the observations provided by gamma and neutrino telescopes and could be necessary in order to obtain a consistent scenario.
We compute the diffuse emission for neutrinos and gammas under 4 different assumptions of cosmic ray propagation in the Galaxy. For both messengers we compare the total observed fluxes (IceCube HESE signal and gamma flux from the Galactic plane measured by Argo-YBJ, H.E.S.S., HAWC and Milagro) with the diffuse emission plus the point-like and extended sources fluxes resolved by H.E.S.S. This allows to discriminate among different hypotheses for the cosmic ray distribution, but the constraints can be strengthened by taking into account unresolved sources. By the analysis of H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey we infer properties of Galactic TeV source population. We show that the H.E.S.S. unresolved sources provide a relevant contribution to diffuse Galactic emission. Finally, in the hypothesis that the majority of bright sources detected by H.E.S.S. are powered by pulsar activity, we estimate the main properties of the pulsar population.

[Seminar] Maddalena Cataldo (GSSI), July 10th, 2020.